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Goblin Gunner



Video game in collaboration with Fitchburg State University, supervised by Rockstar Games.
Producer: Megan Luu
Game Design: Klein Misuirski
Level Design: Daniel Hill
Lead Programmer: Klein Misuirski
Associate Programmer: Benjamin Pielocik
VFX Art: Benjamin Pielocik, Klein Misuirski
2D Art: Benjamin Pielocik, Daniel Hill, Megan Luu
Animator: Benjamin Pielocik
Audio Producers: Carlos Magaña Bru, Tomas Ortola
Music Composed by: Tomas Ortola, Carlos Magaña Bru, Elijah Green
Banjo Player: Maxwell Peterson
Sound Effects Team: Carlos Magaña Bru, Anna Cooley, Eric Leber, DkCheng
Mix Engineer: Zachary Kaye
Special Thanks: Antonio David, Jack Zhuu

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