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Escape From Astraeus



Escape From Astraeus is a sci-fi stealth game that takes place in outer space. Help M.A.R.I., a sentient A.I. program, flee from the Astraeus space station and return back to Earth. While avoiding rogue robots, collect the missing parts to your escape pod. But watch out - if you're caught, you'll get shut down!


Tariq Thomas - Producer, Narrative Designer, 3D Environment Artist
Christian Gulick - Programmer, 3D Environment Artist
Sam D. Burke - 3D Character Artist, 3D Animator, VFX Artist
Anthony Gatturna - Level Designer, 3D Environment Artist, UI Artist
Carlos M. Bru - Audio Director, Music Composer
Jung Hyun Kim - Audio Director, Audio Designer
Cooper Navin - Audio Designer
Ari Graine - Music Composer
Tanner Cobb - Animation and other help


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