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Carlos Magaña Bru was born in the historic province of Toledo, Spain, a place steeped in rich cultural tradition and artistic inspiration.

From a young age, Carlos showed a natural talent for music, taking up the piano at the age of four. In 2019, Carlos decided to pursue his passion for composition and enrolled at Berklee College of Music, where he focused his studies on film and interactive media scoring and sound design.

In 2023, Carlos received the Soren Christensen Award awarded by the Screen Scoring Department's faculty at Berklee College of Music. In 2024, he was named the winner of the Indie Film Music Contest, awarded first place in the winter category with the piece 'Love is a Gift'.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Carlos is now part of the team at the film scoring studio Sparks and Shadows, where he serves as a scoring intern. He has established himself as a versatile composer, working on multiple short films, indie video games, and interactive media projects.

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